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get beautiful eyebrows and lashes with threading & extensions

Pamper yourself with a stunning makeover! Choose from a wide range of lash and brow extensions, tinting treatments and threading services. Browse through our price to make an informed decision. To book, contact our team in Newport.

Enhance your look with lash and brow extensions by Sunbeds @ Ltd



Russian Volume





£10.00 per half hour

Lash extension


£10.00 per half hour

Takes 15-20 mins

Takes 1.5 - 2 hours

Takes 3.5 hours

Lasts 1-2 weeks

Lasts 2-5 weeks

2-5 weeks

Other eye enhancements

Tinting, waxing, tweezing and shading

Eyelash tinting





Hairs are adhered to the brows and/or skin to fill in sparse areas and create a fuller looking brow - ideal for those who have no eyebrow hair as all or those with very thin or sparse brows.

Eyebrow extensions - Flirties

£35.00 onwards

Eyebrow extension infills

£10.00 per half hour

Lash lifting

£40  takes 1 hour

Interested in body transformations? At Sunbeds @ Ltd, you can also consult our in-house nutritionist.

Adding beautiful lashes and brows is a better solution than applying makeup everyday! Find out what suit you the most. To book appointments, call  


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